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Historic division devoted to the stationery shop, with catalogues that satisfy 2 types of demands: continuous products on prompt delivery with daily departures and booked products that respond to various special buying occasions: School, X’mas , Spring and Valentine.


A division that represents our specialization towards the toy world, from infancy to gadget. Our proposal includes the distribution of Playtime plush toys, the historical brand that it divide itself in three main concepts aimed to the definition of the reference targets: Baby for infancy, Junior for the students and Classic for all ages..


A division devoted to massmarket G.D.O. and wholesalers, with differentiate catalogues that guarantee aimed proposals to satisfy this type of channel in terms of image, packaging and promotions.


The last division created to give to our partners and customers disposal of our thirty years experience on the study, realization and production of various kind of products. The group has arranged a team devoted to the development of personalized projects.


A Catalogue created regarding the necessity of the consumers, the booking is created to supply the market with all the necessary novelties in a precise moment of the year where each shop should propose new displays aimed to special occasions that needs to be faced.

A Catalogue created with high rotation products, always available in the warehouse for daily orders and deliveries. The prompt delivery catalogue totally satisfy the necessity of the shops that don’t want to overload their warehouse.

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Maricart srl & C.

Piazza della Stazione snc 59100 Prato PO Italy

Tel. +39 0574 53011

Fax +39 0574 5301233


Reg.Imp. di Prato 01863100978

Cap. Soc. €.50.000 i.v.

Nr. R.E.A. PO-477921

P.I. 018631009780  C.F. 01863100978



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