How to buy

Viewing the products on constitutes a simple invitation to offer.
To proceed with the purchase of one or more products, the user must select them one at a time and add them to the “cart”.

Once the selection of products has been completed, the user will be able to view them all in his cart which will also indicate the essential characteristics of the selected products and their prices.
Once the products have been added to the cart, the user will have to calculate the shipment by indicating the location and the postal code (ZIP), only after having calculated the total can the payment be made by selecting the “complete the order” button, at this point the user will be asked to register if not already registered on the site (see the section on registration).

Shipping by courier

Orders are shipped from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 17:00.
Orders placed during the weekend will be processed starting from the following Monday.
Shipping times vary from 2 to 20 working days depending on the availability of the products ordered in stock. Further information on the methods and delivery times of the ordered products can be found in the shipping confirmation e-mail (point 2.9).

Shipping costs vary according to the shipping class of the individual product, within the Italian territory.

The costs are divided into bands:

  • Band A: shipping in envelope for € 4.99
  • Band B: Box at € 6.99
  • Band C: Big Box 7.99 €
  • FREE: price already included in shipping, or upon reaching a minimum expense of 80 €

Delivery times are calculated from receipt of payment: immediate if made by credit card or Paypal.
The expected delivery times are up to 10 working days. The courier does not deliver to the floor. Any delays in deliveries of less than 30 (thirty) days do not entitle the Customer to refuse delivery of the products, nor to claim compensation or compensation of any kind.


If the products ordered on were to be delivered abroad, the buyer may be subject to import duties and taxes, payable once the package reaches its destination. Any additional cost of customs clearance is charged to the buyer; Maricart cannot predict the amount of the aforementioned costs over which it has no control. For information on the customs policies of foreign countries, we invite users to contact the local customs office.


When you receive the ordered goods from the courier, it is very important that you follow these small precautions in order to better manage any anomalies found in the items received.


1. As soon as the courier arrives, check the condition of the packages well: if one or more packages should show obvious damage that could have compromised the integrity of the content, accept the goods by signing “with reserve” and indicating the type of anomaly found.

2. Before opening the package (if you have signed with reservation) take a photo of the box / carton still closed: take a photo of the package in its entirety and also a closer view of the area subject to damage / anomaly.


3. Open the packages carefully, taking care not to damage the contents with cutters or similar.
4. Once opened, check the integrity of the items in all their parts: if you find defects or damage, photograph the product in its entirety or in any case the part of the product concerned first from a distance, and then closely, highlighting the detail of the type of damage. The photos must always be taken before proceeding with the eventual assembly of the products (in the case of items to be assembled). It is recommended to keep the original packaging, which must be reused for the eventual replacement of the item or the damaged part.


5. Reports of damage or defects to the goods must be made by email to quoting the order number in the subject and attaching the photos taken: we will verify your report with the images sent and we will provide you with a reply within 2 or 3 days
6. Should you believe that any anomaly found could be a manufacturing defect or transport damage, you must promptly report to the Customer Service The reports on the external condition of the packages must be made on the day of unloading the supply or at the latest the following morning; the reports on the integrity of the items after opening the packaging must be made within 48 hours of unloading.
The report is made by sending an email with the order number, a description of what was found and attaching the photographic documentation acquired during the installation phases.